This mixed section looks at media coverage, links to other interesting websites and offers illustrated talks as well as art consultations for business.

Would You Like a Talk about Clare White?

We love to talk about Clare White.  She was quite the eccentric and lived her life as a true ‘Edwardian English lady’ right through to the 1990s! She attended finishing school in Lucerne, Switzerland, watched goat racing in Barbados, masqueraded as a married French woman in war-torn Paris and travelled the world alone with her easel and paintbox. White was a pioneer as a woman artist – she was one of the first female students allowed to paint life models at college and became the St Ives Art Club’s first female president in 1954. She was extremely active in the St Ives art community and a friend of Barbarba Hepworth,  Bernard Leech and other important artists. If you would like us to come along to your group, dinner or event and give a bright and beautiful illustrated talk about Clare White’s life and work, please e-mail us at info@clarewhitegallery.co.uk or call 01709 871038. We ask a modest fee which we are happy to discuss with you.

The Business of Art

Conference rooms, reception areas, offices – every business could benefit from a unique and original piece of art or high quality print on its walls. Art not only looks good, it can inspire, it can soothe, it can raise aspirations and it always creates a fantastic impression.

If you would like to invest in a piece of Clare White’s art for your business, please contact us for a personal consultation – Andrew can arrange to come to your workplace and discuss your options. Contact info@clarewhitegallery.co.uk or call 01709 871038 to discuss. e-mail us to find out more.

Media Watch

Here are a selection of articles and links to stories and features about Clare White and her work.

Clare White’s Obituary, St Ives Times and Echo, 1997

Opening of Clare White Gallery 2007



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