Clare White

The work of St Ives water colourist Clare White (1903 – 1997) is attracting ever more attention in the 21st century art market and our on-line gallery is the primary national outlet for her remaining collection.

Bushey Park, watercolour, by Clare White

Clare White was a contemporary – and a friend – of Barbara Hepworth, Bernard Leach and Wilhemina Barnes-Graham but she was not good at promoting her work. She travelled the world and painted for the sheer pleasure of it. She would then occasionally invite people to her home to buy her paintings which she simply pinned to the curtains for display.

We are delighted that there has been a long-over due revival of interest in Clare’s highly accomplished work in recent years and are proud to champion her cause and exhibit a wide selection of her paintings – and new prints – both via our e-gallery and at temporary shows across the country.

Please read Clare White’s biography section for more details of the artist’s life and work.